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In the real world your IT requirements are likely to cover a number of interlinked areas and Thistle Software recognises this by providing expertise in a range of areas, from software and database design to websites and general IT support.
Software & Database Design

Dynamic Web Site Design

Support & Consultancy

Software & Database Design

We have many years experience in programming windows application. We generally develop using Microsoft technologies, specifically using Visual Basic.NET. VB.NET will work with many different database packages although we generally use SQL Server or MS-Access, but we can tailor any software programming to the clients requirements. We also program solely in Microsoft Access using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and we have developed other client solutions using VBA in MS Excel.

If you have any requirements for database or software development then please contact me for further information.

Dynamic Web Site Design

We have been involved with web design since fairly early in the development of the internet. We can offer all types of web site - from the basic 5 or 6 page brochure type site to fully interactive sites with content management. We have experience in a variety of web technologies including Active Server Pages, VBScript, Javascript, Netforms and CGI-scripts.

Thistle Software offers a complete service to put you on the Web. We will meet with you to discuss what information you would like to put onto the internet and what that will involve. We will design your site, register your domain name and upload the pages onto the web server. For a static brochure site containing 5 or 6 pages prices start from £400 but the cost can vary considerably dependent on the complexity of your requirements, whether you are looking for some interactive features, or selling online.

Support & Consultancy

We all know that computers can be the most frustrating things to work with. Sometimes just trying to do what you thought would be the simplest of tasks can take hours when you run into difficulties and the computer just doesn't do what you want it to.We have been in the IT industry for many years and although we still get frustrated with them at times we can usually help! We can offer support options either in person or via telephone and can setup remote access to your computer so that at the click of a button we can see your screen and sort out the issue - at times a life saver!
We will help install hardware/software and give support and advice concerning many of the major software packages such as Microsoft Office, or get your e-mail/internet access working at home, on the road, on your tablet or your smartphone.

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